Saturday, 23 February 2013

Javan Hawk Eagle - National Bird of Indonesia

Javan Hawk Eagles are medium-sized eagles that are endemic to the island of Java in Indonesia. They are currently Endangered, due to habitat destruction, illegal poaching, and capture for the pet trade.

Interesting & Amazing facts about Javan Hawk Eagle are:

  1. Most important fcat is that it is a national bird of Indonesia and it is an Indonesian endemic.
  2. Javan Hawk Eagle has a long, black crest on its head & crest is held almost vertically and is tipped with white. The crown is black, topping a chestnut head and nape.
  3. The back and wings are dark brown, fading to a lighter brown tail which has wide cream stripes.
  4. The throat is creamy white with a black stripe, running to the whitish breast and underparts, which are heavily barred with chestnut.
  5. Juveniles are similar to adults but have plainer underparts and duller coloring on the head. The tail, instead of the four found in adults, has five black bars. The eyes are blue-gray and turn yellow during their second year.
  6. Javan hawk-eagles remain with the same partner year after year.
  7. The nest is made out of sticks and lined with green leaves, and placed in a large tree in undisturbed forest.
  8. The female incubates the egg for 47-48 days, during which time the male hunts to feed both himself and the female. After hatching, the female also hunts, providing the chick with meat for a relatively extended period.
  9. The Javan hawk-eagle hunts mainly from the branches of small trees, where it watches for small to medium-sized tree-dwelling mammals such as tree shrews, squirrels, fruit bats and occasionally young monkeys. It is also known to eat birds and reptiles when possible.
  10. Even after fledging, the young bird will remain with its parents, living in their territory for more than a year. It will be three or four years before it forms a pair and breeds.
  11. They are endemic (A species or taxonomic group that is only found in one particular country or geographic area.) to the island of Java, from 6°S to 8°S.

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