Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rufous Hornero - National Bird of Argentina

Rufous Hornero is endemic to South America. This bird is the Argentina’s national bird.  It forms a part of the Furnariidae Family, and this species builds particular oven-shaped nest with clay and vegetation, giving the bird its different names. Its second English name is Red Ovenbird.

Interesting & Amazing Facts about Rufous Hornero:
  1. It has strong legs and feet, broad wings, longish tail and strong- straight bill.
  2. It is a slightly paler buffy-brown, with a whitish throat.
  3. They nest an “oven” built of mud or dung, sometimes mixed with straw, on a post or isolated tree.
  4. They lay 3 to 4 eggs with incubation period is 15 days and young fledge after 60 days.
  5. This bird song is a long series of raucous burst of “kweep”, often ending with slower, complaining notes, and usually uttered in duet by the pair.
  6. The call includes sharp “jeet” or “krip”, uttered in series. Both mates communicate by loud metallic note
  7. These bird feeds mainly on insects and spiders, and some seeds, including earthworms, snails and larvae, are taken from the ground, as the seeds.
  8. They found across much of southern half of South America east of the Andes.
  9. Its status of population is not threatened.
  10. Adult male has rufous-brown upperparts, with some pale edges on back and rump.
  11. On the upper wing, coverts and secondaries are rufous-brown, whereas primaries are duller, rather brownish.
  12. The tail is relatively short. The uppertail coverts are rufous. Tail feathers are darker. 
  13. This bird has relatively short, rounded wings and flies for moving between two places, and only short distances at a time.


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