Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bermuda Petrel - National Bird of Bermuda

The Bermuda Petrel, Commonly known in Bermuda as the Cahow, a name derived from its eerie cries. It is ground-nesting seabird and national bird of Bermuda. It is a symbol of hope for nature conservation because it is in endangered rating due to drastic declines in the population of this species. 

Interesting & Amazing Facts about Bermuda Petrel are:
  1. A group of petrels are collectively known as a "gallon" and a "tank" of petrels.
  2. This bird has gray-brown upperparts shading to black on rump and white underparts except for dusky sides of upper breast.
  3. Tail has white band.
  4. It has white face and forehead with Black-brown cap goes to eyes.
  5. In flight shows black-gray upperwings, white underwings with black margins, tips.
  6. Frightened sailors formerly named Bermuda the ‘Isles of Devils’ after hearing the bird’s haunting nocturnal mating calls.
  7. Nothing is known of its range at sea, it may wander to the offshore waters of the southern Atlantic states.
  8. The Bermuda Petrel is native to Bermuda.
  9. It has similar in appearance to the Black-capped Petrel which occurs regularly in water off of North Carolina.
  10. They take food with their bill from the water surface.
  11. They do not follow boats.
  12. Incubation ranges from 51 to 54 days and is carried out by both sexes.
  13. It was thought extinct for 330 years. 

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