Thursday, 2 May 2013

Andean Condor - National Bird of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

The Andean Condor belongs to a group of birds known as Vultures. They have a very long wing span. This type of bird has many myths surrounding it. In some cultures it is a well-respected bird. In others though this bird is a sign of evil and it should be avoided at all costs.

Interesting & Amazing Facts about Andean Condor are:
  1. The male Andean Condor is one of the largest flying birds.
  2. Andean Condors may kill some living prey, whereas the California Condor never kills living prey.
  3. The Andean Condor is the only New World vulture to show differences between males and females. The male has a large comb and wattle that is absent in the females.
  4. The scientific name comes from the Latin words vultur and vello, meaning to pluck or tear and refers to its feeding habits and gryphus means a griffon and refers to the hooked bill.
  5. The common name refers to the bird’s range in the Andes Mountains.
  6. This vulture is very large and the body is filled out with large black feathers.
  7. They have gray and white on the tips of them.
  8. The front of the body is also going to have light brown and white under the head. The head is very small and black with a yellow beak.
  9. The Andean Condor lives in the Andes mountains. It is also found along the Pacific coast of South America.
  10. They tend to nest very high on ledges that make it very hard for predators to reach them.
  11. The coloring on the head of the Andean Condor can change based on the mood of the bird.
  12. They are very intelligent and calculating.
  13. They are scavengers so they won’t be finding food sources to kill. Instead, they take every opportunity that they can to consume the remains of what has died.
  14. They are very selective when it comes to mating.
  15. The parents do take care of their young very well.
  16. This bird is National bird of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

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