Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nightingale - National Bird of Croatia And Iran

Nightingale is a songbird, better known for its mellifluous voice and timid nature. This elusive and romantic bird is believed to be the long distant migrant kin of Robin.The night songstress, as the bird is usually referred to, is small in size and brown colored, with red rufous tail.

Interesting & Amazing facts about Nightingale are:
  1. This bird is not easy to find, because of its reticent nature, but it can be heard singing at all times of the day.
  2. It is a small species of bird thought to be formally members of the thrush family.
  3. The nightingale is often mistaken for the robin, as the nightingale is about the same size and the female robin is very similar in appearance to the nightingale.
  4. It is a morning bird and can often be heard singing it's loud song at dawn.
  5. Its strong and varied song, with high-pitched notes, has been regarded for centuries, throughout Europe and Asia, as the most beautiful of all bird songs.
  6. The nightingale was named due to the fact that the nightingale is often heard singing during the night as well as during the day. 
  7. Nightingales are omnivorous birds and feed on a mixture of fruits, seeds, insects and nuts. Nightingales have many predators in their natural environment mainly due to their small size.
  8. Predators of the nightingale include mammals such as rats, foxes and cats and reptiles like large lizards and snakes. Nightingales are also hunted by large birds of prey.
  9. Nightingales travel vast distances every year in order to migrate between the north and the south.
  10. The name nightingale means night songstress. Only unpaired males sing regularly at night, and nocturnal song is likely to serve attracting a mate.
  11. A male nightingale usually stops singing when his eggs are hatched, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention on his nest. However, he does give little chirps to keep his female counterpart aware of their safety or any approaching danger.
  12. This bird could produce two notes. This extensive repertoire is usually fragmented into “whistle” songs and “non-whistle-songs”
  13. Both sexes of this bird are similar.
  14. They tend to prefer low-lying, dense woodland during the spring. In winter, they can be found in dry, bush savanna. They generally feed close to the ground on invertebrates and berries. When not mating, they are usually found alone.
  15. The color of this bird’s egg is deep olive. It usually lays five to six eggs at a time.
  16. The nest of a nightingale is as unique as the bird itself. It is usually cup shaped, deep, and neatly lined with fibrous roots, but the whole thing is so loosely constructed that even a very slight touch can disturb its beautiful arrangement.


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