Monday, 6 May 2013

White-cheeked Turaco - National Bird of Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)

White-cheeked Turaco, Tauraco leucotis, is a bird of great character. All turacos are natives of Africa with the White-cheeked Turaco being found in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Interesting & Amazing facts about White-cheeked Turaco are:
  1. The White-cheeked Turaco (Tauraco leucotis) is a species of bird in the Musophagidae family.
  2. They have rounded blue-black crest with hairlike feathering which is elongated and slicked back.
  3. A bright orange-red bill has a sharply down curved tip to the upper mandible.
  4. The base of the bill is greyish-green, but is unseen because of forward-facing loral feathers.
  5. Breeding behavior begins with increased vocalization and chasing from tree to tree.
  6. White crescent that blazes down the neck be the feature for which it is known as white cheeked turaco.
  7. Its call sounds somewhat like a wild monkey.
  8. It is a turaco that is found in humid forests.
  9. This bird eats a diet of mainly fruit and plants. Occasionally, they also eat insects.
  10. The average white-cheeked turaco is approximately 43 centimetres (cm) long and weighs between 200 and 315 grams.
  11. They are found in central and South Africa, in countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan.
  12. It has gained popularity for its excited, dynamic behavior and attractive appearance, coupled with an affordable price for captive-bred specimens.
  13. They have strong feet and can rotate their fourth toe either forward or backward to get a better grip on their perch.
  14. Chicks of this bird have claws on their wings, a strange (for a bird) and evocative anatomical feature that almost seems to recall their ancient cousin, Archaeopteryx.
  15. This handsome and energetic African bird is a popular pet.
  16. They use their long tails for balance and their feet are very good at gripping. In fact, their fourth toe can rotate forward or backward in order to have a better grip on their perch.
  17. When faced with danger, they sit very still and fly away at the last minute with power flaps, revealing the crimson color under their wings.
  18. They are monogamous in breeding. During courtship, the male turaco will feed the female.
  19. These turacos live in flocks of up to 12 individuals. They are shy and prefer to perch out of sight.

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